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new B.

alrighty, first timer here, just found this community and I love it! I posted this fic on some POTC fanfic communities and got majorly flamed. (you can read their comments if you wish) So, since this community discourages flaming (which I am very greatful for) I thought I'd try and share it here. If it is that terrible, please tell me in some constructive way so I can get better. Thank you!

Fandom: POTC
Title: Rum & Lust
Author: Channing. Me. love_n_lost call me what you want. with help from my friend Dani capt_danisty
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns Pirates and it's characters, settings etc...blah blah blah
Pairing: Jack Sparrow/Jade Stormwater (original character, but ladies, you can pretend it's you!)
Rating: NC17 for sex and alcohol
Summary: Jade Stormwater comes to Tortuga looking for information regarding her father's ship, and runs into an old friend who might be able to help...in more than one way.

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