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Well hello there! =D

*wave* Ello!  I just happened to stumble onto this community, and it had my membership at the title.  Besides the fact that I am obsessed with reading fanfics about Johnny or his characters, I am also obsessed with writing them.  In fact, I have a story I would love to share with you all, very short..but my warning to you is it IS rated NC-17.  Anyways, I was given an image of Johnny and told to come up with a story about it, and this was my result.

Fandom: Johnny Depp
Title: A Night In The Rain
Author: Me ^__^
Disclaimer: I do not 'own' Johnny Depp (I wish! haha, joking..joking)  This was purely written for fun and enjoyment.
Pairing: Me..and Johnny. xD
Rating: NC-17!!!  Ye have been warned!
 [I suck at summaries so I am just going to post a teaser]

Suddenly the sound of a scream was heard through the open window, probably somewhere directly below on the main street in front of the house.  The following sound had Johnny himself wincing, an unbearably loud crash.  Without having a care to pull a shirt on he stood from the bed and jogged downstairs, out the front door and out the iron picket fence gate in front of his house.  He stood behind a young woman sitting on the ground massaging her ankle muttering curse words under her breath.  "Ah, are you...allright?"

And so without further adieu, here it is ^_^

Part one is written off of this image->

The sheets his half stripped body lay on were cool from the drifting breeze of the open window to his right. His dark brown eyes flashed to the window, and a sigh left his slightly parted lips. He was cold, but he didn't want to get up and close the window, he just wanted to lay on the mattress and soak himself in the bitter realities that the press was swarming around him nowadays. As soon as he thought the word 'press' his stomach twisted in disgust and he scowled darkly. "I need a smoke." He spoke aloud to no one in particular, and stretched his arm to his bedside table to where he grabbed an unopened pack of his favorite cigarettes, and stared at its unopened seal before tearing it open. His fingers plucked one, insanely bright white smoke from the package, and he stretched again to grab the simple silver metal lighter that had been beside the package. He lit the cigarette, put it to his lips and took a relaxing drag, dispelling the smoke through his slightly parted lips."Ah!"  Suddenly the sound of a scream was heard through the open window, probably somewhere directly below on the main street in front of the house.  The following sound had Johnny himself wincing, an unbearably loud crash.  Without having a care to pull a shirt on he stood from the bed and jogged downstairs, out the front door and out the iron picket fence gate in front of his house.  He stood behind a young woman sitting on the ground massaging her ankle muttering curse words under her breath.  "Ah, are you...allright?"

Ashley hated wearing such high and thin heels.  She'd told her friend she should have purchased more sensible shoes, who cared if the white pumps matched so bloody well with her white dress??!!  Now as she rubbed her ankle she'd twisted, collapsing to the ground, she heard a deep voice behind her.  Sure, if she hadn't been so pissed off and had maybe concentrated a little harder, she would have probably instantly recognized that beautiful deep voice anywhere.  Instead she was busy muttering curse words even a sailor would wince from, and she didn't really care to turn around or really think about anything but how everything seemed to be going from bad to worse.  "No!  I am NOT allright!  Does it LOOK like I'm allright?!  I sprained my fucking ankle, my fucking car broke down so I was having to walk to this thing my publisher just DEMANDED I go to,"  In mid sentance the dark clouds that had been swarming into the sky all day thundered, and a few sprinkles began to fall.  "AND NOW IT'S RAINING!  DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW LONG IT TOOK ME TO DO MY HAIR?!"

Johnny stood back, hopeless and knowing her onslaught of anger was just because everything just seemed to be going wrongly for her.  Therefore he stood quiet, letting her rant on and on, knowing it would make her feel better to get it all off of her chest.  As he looked to the sky, and a few of the first drops fell, he glanced back down at her, in her white evening dress.  "Well, I suppose I can give you a lift or something, least I could do."  Ashley smiled a little, but still wanted to act upset, she wasn't going to let some random man make her feel happy all of the sudden!   With a sigh she glanced up at the sky and felt a few drops hit her and her dress.  (She still hadn't really made the connection about the white fabric.)  "You know what the worst part is?  I don't even WANT to go to this thing.  I'd rather...I'd rather, oh I don't know, get beaten up by a gorilla then go to this party."  For the first time that day, Johnny felt a smile pull at his lips as he shook his head.

"Come on, let me help you up before it rains any harder."  He was suddenly aware of the fact he didn't have a shirt on, but it wasn't like he was just going to leave her out there while he ran inside to get one.  With a shrug he walked around and extended his hand to her, still looking down she took it, then looked up and seemed to freeze when she saw his tattooed 3 on his hand.  Slowly, slowly did she raise her head, taking in his naked chest and then finally crashing to his face.  Their brown eyes connected, her mouth was slightly agape, like a fish out of water.  He felt an odd tingling in his stomach as they seemed, frozen in time, each others hand clasped together.  He cleared his throat and shook his head, almost feeling awkward as he pulled her to her feet, immediately feeling concern when she seemed to favor her ankle.  "I'm Johnny...Depp."  He had a feeling she already knew, but he still wanted to introduce himself.

Her eyes were still a little wide with shock.  "Fish tacos."  Suddenly her eyes widened a bit more and  acute blush of pink color dashed across her cheeks.  "I mean, uhm, yeah I'm...Ashley."  He laughed slightly, and then she moved just a little and he notice her wince and pull her foot from the ground, suspending it in the air.  His eyes immediatly darkened with concern.  "Are you okay?"  As soon as the words were out of his mouth he felt embarassed for asking them, AGAIN and ducked his head, in a shy sort of manner, the corner of his lip pulling into a nervous smile.  But this time she didn't snap at him.  She shook her head. "I don't know, I've sprained it twice already so this probably didn't help..."  At the concern she saw in his eyes she laughed, a bit nervously. "I was bucked off a bolting horse when I was a teenager, and then a few months later I went hiking and jumped off a rock, landed on it wrong..."  He smiled and opened his mouth to respond when suddenly out of no where the heavens opened up, releasing a sudden downpour of rain.  They heard the roar as it approached, Johnny cocked his head just as Ashley turned to se the sudden wave of flash water racing towards them.  "Oh No!"  But of course, she couldn't run, Johnny scooped her up into his arms without a second though and went running for the house.

They didn't exactly make it in time.  When he sat her down in his hallway and turned to close the door they were both drenched.  He turned back and felt that same strange sensation in his stomach, and a sort of tightening on his heart.  He felt awkward, nervous and as though anything he did, he would do wrong and look like a fool.  She was soaked, her hair which had been pinned up and in curls was dangling past her shoulders and wet, sticking to her face.  Her dress was practically translucent.  Suddenly his eyes grew dark, smoky with desire and he made a step foreward, brushing her hair from her face and framing it instead with his hands.  "What are you--?"  She began to ask but was cut off by his hot lips pressing against hers and her back pressed against the wall.  "Ohh..."  Was all she could say after he broke apart for a breath, and then wrapped her arms around him and began to deepen the kiss...

His hands roamed across the wet material of her dress, one resting at her ribcage and just below her breast, the other was still framing her face.  She sucked an inward breath of air as his thumb began to stroke her, creating a dull ache that drummed in her heart and created heat between her thighs.  She wasn't even in concern of concious thought, all that was on her mind was the fact that she was making out with this incredibly sexy man, she was wearing a practicaly invisible dress and he smelled, soooo great.  Their tongues entertwined, his hand trailed from her rib cage to her thigh, she sucked in a hiss of air as he grew close to her thobbing core.  While still keeping firm concentration on her lips and tongue, his hand began to pull at the wet material that stuck to her like a second skin, dragging it up and revealing a long, slender leg.  He grinded his hips against her, lifting her leg he'd barred to the open air over his hip, she could feel his hard erection through his black slacks against the junction of her thighs.

Niether one of them thought to have reasonable sense, both so wrapped up in the hot, steamy sensations that were hanging over them and the feelings they'd both felt when making eye contact for the first time.  These said feelings were errupting, blossoming into a hard drive of fire, passion and perhaps even that old folklore of love at first sight.  Or it could just be a sexy one night stand, who was to say.  Without warning, Johnny lifted her into his arms again, still careful enough to remember her hurt ankle.  He walked up the carpet steps and turned into the bedroom he'd been laying in just moments before, gently putting her onto the stark white sheets and rubbing his hand along her bare calf, kissing a path up wards as he pushed up her dress.  Thunder boomed from the heavens through the open window, the sound and smell of the pouring rain came along with the lit up flashes the lightning create as it shot, jagged across the sky.  Ashley wriggled uncontrollably beneath his hands, his touch and a moan slipped from her lips in pleasure as he nipped her inner thigh.  Her muscles clenched, her heart pounded as her fists grabbed ahold of the sheets and tightened.

The dress was a halter top, a slip over instead of a zip up, which lucky for her now, made for easy removal.  Johnny pulled the wet material from her body, she shivered, but not from the cold.  The heat their two bodies were making was quite enough to keep them both content.  His lips returned to her mouth, bruising it efficiently with the powerful magnetism, and near passionate barbirism of their hot kisses.  His fingers sculpted her sides, and ran back up to her breasts, the pads of his thumb stroking across her nipples, turning them into little rock-hard pebbles.  A moan fell from her lips as she arched, pressing harder into his kiss, her scantly panty clad hips raising to brush against his black slacks.  His primal urges responded, causing his hips to grate against hers, allowing her the oppertunity to feel the effect she was having on him.

The next few seconds were a blur, but suddenly his pants and boxers were off, tossed across the room, along with her white lace panties, and they were finally skin to skin.  His knee went between her thighs, he positioned his thick errection at her entrance, his dark, chocolate brown eyes went to hers, not needing to speak for her to know he was asking, no, begging for acceptance.  And in return she didn't say a thing, instead she lifted her hips, spread her legs a bit wider and tipped her head back into the pillow.  He pushed his full length into her, burrying himself into her tight, hot velvet core.  A gasp fell from his lips as a moan mingled from hers, he took a moment to resituate himself before he began to rythmatically push and pull in and out of her, increasing the speed and ferocity of his pumps according to her cries.

Her head was thrown back, fists dug into the bedsheets, back arched in ultimate pleasure as he pulled and pushed in her.  Both their bodies were covered in a fine sheet of sweat and gasps where falling quickly, breathlessly from her lips.  Her eyes were open, focused on him as he moved over her, the moonlight illuminating him and the white bed they lay in.  Finally she felt it coming, the pressure in her lower abdomen that kept building as he surged in and out of her, she pressed harder back into the pillows, her fists clenched tighter as she cried out.  "Johnny!"  His name came on the air, like a plea right before she plummeted off the cliff.  His lips came onto hers then, both of them feeding off each others strenghts as he pulled, pushed and moved inside her.  Her climax took her there, her body shook and her muscles clenched, she whimpered, toes curling.  He pushed once more, burying himself deep inside her before finally her climax milked his and he spilled his seed into her.

They both fought to catch their breath, Johnny, albeit relunctantly pulled himself from her legs and nestled beside her onto his side, pulling her beside him and wrapping his arm around her waist.  She nestled her head on his forearm, and with heavy eyelids they both fell was morning when Ashley awoke, it was early and Johnny was still asleep.  She bolted from the bed, dressed as rapidly as she could and limped from the room and his home...

*****PART TWO*****

Part Two Is Written Off Of This Image->

Johnny stood on the red carpet that had been rolled out over the pavement, watching the clicks of the shutters and the flashes snapping across his color tinged sunglasses.  He was dressed in a white collar shirt, a white overjacket, black slacks, white shoes a black bowtie and complete with a black hankerchief coming from his front pocket.  All he could think about was how much he wished he had his hat, he always felt comfortable with his hat on, but this was a special event for one of his dearest friends, Tim Burton.  At least he'd been able to argue wearing his colored sunglasses.  He liked his sunglasses.  Recently he'd cut his hair, spinning for a new look, and by the screams of the fan girls that had practically blown his eardrums, they liked it too.  Of course, they always screamed like that.  His fans were so supportive of him, he really appriciated it.

"Johnny!  Look over here!"  A camera man called, with a smile on his lips he turned his head for the man to snap the photo, and then froze.  It seemed like all time stopped except for one thing in the midst of the crowd.  "Ashley?"  He whispered, breathlessly, the name falling onto silence, when in the background everyone was still roaring.  He hadn't seen her in a few months, not ever since that steamy night in his apartment, when he'd woken up, she'd been gone.  He'd never gotten over that, which was quite silly, considering they'd only spent one night together.  But here he was, he had just seen a flash of her hair as she turned, and he was riveted to the spot.  He let out a rush of air, not even aware he'd been holding his breath, his eyes had gone wide.  Suddenly he turned and began walking towards the men Ashley had been in the midst of.

A few of the camera men appeared nervous, their eyes widened as they slightly retreated a step, as though he was coming to attack them(as he was, notorious for having done once. okay, maybe twice).  "Mr. Depp!  Mr. Depp!"  A man's voice began to call him from the direction he was SUPPOSED to be walking, but he was deaf to it.  There!  He saw a flash of a blood red dress, her back as she turned a corner.  He shoved through the men, and broke into a run.  He didn't care anymore about the flashing of the cameras, the people shouting his name, the girls in the crowd screaming their heads off, the security guards keeping the photographers back, the people contemplating whether they should follow him.  Of course, they would, they had to.  He didn't care though, all he cared about was finding her, seeing her again, telling her she turned his world upsidedown only to rip it away again.

He turned a corner, saw another flash of her dress material as she darted a corner.  Why the hell was she running from him?!  "Ashley!"  His voice was stern, almost desperate as he cried out her name, and ran around the corner.  She was stuck.  The end of the alleyway was a building, there was no corner for her to escape from, which was bloody well good for him, her memory had been a phantom haunting him for the past couple months she'd disappeared from his life.  She was sucking in breath from trying to retreat so quickly, hands on the wall as she turned around and regarded him, something akin to fear in her eyes. Why was she afraid of him?  Maybe it was because all the hurt he had suffered these past few months was coming back to his mind, and he was trying to contain it all at once, the tightening of his heart, the pain flashing in his eyes.  He walked slowly towards her.

"Why?"  it was all he could choke out when he finally stood, mere inches from her flawless face.  He wanted to reach up and stroke her cheek, dip in and give in to the sweet temptation of her lips, but at the same time he wanted to know...why.  Ashley watched him, her lips quivered slightly and a fine mist came over her eyes.  Slight shock held him as he saw the emotions dancing across her face.  She didn't look like she was able to say anything, his hand came up to rip the glasses from his face, showing her the pain there, in the depths of his dark brown eyes.  "You came into my life, stole my heart in one night and then vanished the next morning!  Why did you do it?  Why did you leave me?"  His voice had went dark, deep, without him even knowing it.  He didn't have the best control of his emotions at this point.

"Be-because..."  She was shaking, the mist in her eyes becomming a swarm of moisture until a small tear slipped past her eyelid, and slid down her cheek.  It splashed onto the pavement and was followed by a few more before she took in a shaky breath.  Johnny wanted to comfort her, but he was just so damn frustrated, and he wanted answers.  "I was..."  She looked away, darting her attention from him.  He took her chin in his fingers, gently, but firmly and turned her so her watery eyes were forced to look into his.  God it hurt to make her cry, but she didn't know what she had done to him.  "What were you Ashley?"  His voice whispered, a mixture of anger, hurt and curiousity in its depths.

"Afraid..."  She finally choked out in a whisper and shook from a sob.  Johnny dropped his hand from her chin, and she sagged, her head dipping down as her hair brushed into her face.  "Afraid of what?!"  His confusion was evident, he was bewildered even.  She just shook her head, and her body shook from another heart-wrenching sob.  "Shit, shit Ashley, Ashley, please don't do this, don't cry..."  At his pleading voice a small cry took over her, a moan and her hands came to her face as her sobs went a little more violent.  In a flash he wrapped his arms around her, holding her to him and sheltering her from the rest of the world.  He wasn't even aware of the men standing at the far end of the alleyway, all he was aware of was her.  He tipped her chin up to look into his eyes, his heart wrenching when he saw the sorrow and hurt there.  "Why were you afraid Ashley?"

"I...I don't know, I was just, scared...and then I ran...and then I felt horrible for what I did, I, I went weren't there."  Her voice lowered to a whisper, and Johnny's eyes widened.  He had left for his Bahama island after he couldn't locate her, frustrated and upset and in desperate need for his abandoned paradise.  "I'm so sorry, but I heard you were going to be here, and I, I got a pass through my company, and then I saw you...and I knew I couldn't bother you in the middle of all that, and-"  He kept her chin up to him, looking down on her as she blubbered on and on in her slightly after-shock sorrow striken voice.  "Hey Ashley?"  He suddenly said, breaking her off, Ashley frowned and looked at him.  "Yeah?"

"Shut up."  He said it tenderly, dipped his head and kissed her lips ever so softly...

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