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Johnny Depp Fanfic [entries|friends|calendar]
Johnny Depp Fanfic

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[10 Jun 2010|12:27am]

Hello! I wanted to ask if there are any RPF stories about Johnny/Tim Burton? Or possibly Johnny/Helena Bonham Carter? :) Thanks for any tips :)
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Starstruck 2/2 (Misha Collins/Johnny Depp, NC17) [10 Mar 2010|11:40am]

Title: Starstruck (2/2).
Author: ghostwrit.
Pairing: Misha Collins/Johnny Depp.
Rating: NC17.
Summary: Misha meets his match.
Feedback: Essential. If you can, please leave a comment.

Starstruck IICollapse )
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Starstruck (Misha/Johnny, PG) [06 Mar 2010|02:49pm]

Title: Starstruck (1/2).
Author: ghostwrit.
Pairing: Misha Collins/Johnny Depp.
Rating: PG.
Feedback: Essential. If you can, please leave a comment.
Disclaimer: To the best of my knowledge, this never happened.

Starstruck ICollapse )
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Eye Flirt [09 Jun 2009|11:10am]


This fan art is made for Johnny Depp's Birthday
Title  :  Eye-Flirt
Fandom  :  Pirates of the Caribbean 
Characters  :   Jack Sparrow - flirting blatantly XD!
Rating   :    PG13 - maybe.
Warnings  :  Not much.. just that if you squint .. err, SLASH implied.
Disclaimer :  I own absolutely NOTHING but a pencil and some papers. Disney owns them all.


Here's the link to my journal if you are interested;

Dear moderator,
please delete this post if it is not suitable
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Conquests of a Well-Bred Prostitute - Chapter 3 [13 Mar 2009|04:36pm]

Title: Conquests of a Well-Bred Prostitute
Chapter: Chapter 3: My Dear Mistress Has a Heart
Author: stealmybike
Pairing: John Wilmot/Elizabeth Barry
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own The Libertine or make profit of any kind by writing about it.
Summary: I summarize well. However, I've never attended a "Count the Angels on a Pinhead" Cambridge college. Wilmot recounts his ordeals with Mrs. Barry a month prior to his death. No mention of their daughter ... for now.


Curiosity, is sometimes an occasion of good, but too frequently of mischief, disturbing both my own and my neighbor’s repose.
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Conquests of a Well-Bred Prostitute [19 Feb 2009|10:37pm]

Title: Conquests of a Well-Bred Prostitute
Author: stealmybike
Chapter: Chapter 2: The Magnificent Miss Roberts
Fandom: The Libertine
Pairing: John Wilmot/Jane Roberts, mention of Elizabeth Malet
Word Count: 1,518
Rating: NC-17
Summary: This is me having too much fun being John Wilmot.
A/N: Thank you soleilpirate for the beta read and the wonderful suggestions!


I found out soon enough that there were many inconveniences in married life, but was there any condition without inconveniences?
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Conquests of a Well-Bred Prostitute [13 Feb 2009|05:02pm]

Title: Conquests of a Well-Bred Prostitute
Author: stealmybike
Chapter: Chapter 1: Tower of London
Fandom: The Libertine
Pairing: Young John Wilmot/Elizabeth Malet
Word Count: 1,555
Rating: NC-17
Summary: The ideas of every poet spring from his various muses. John Wilmot was known for his drunkenness, vivacious conversation, and lust for fornication. In this series of one-shots I will depict these exploits from his perspective.


"The raw afternoons in London were the rawest, and the dense fog was the densest. The muddy streets were muddiest near that leaden-headed old obstruction."
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My Stories [22 Sep 2008|07:11pm]

[ mood | mellow ]

Alright, so I've finally gotten around to starting to post some of my stories on livejournal.  I'm trying to get them out there, and if anyone's looking here, please read and give me constructive criticism!

Linky: http://lbooks93.livejournal.com/

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Be Burtonesque! [04 Sep 2008|11:50pm]


Be Burtonesque!

Ok, so I'm a member of a totally awesome Tim Burton/Johnny Depp RPG site. I play Mort Rainey, Captain Jack Sparrow :jack: , and Arnie Grape. This site is full of active members who are big fans of these two awesome guys! You can play a character from any movie with Tim Burton or Johnny Depp. Check it out and you'll love!

They're very kind to new members and incredibly fair and helpful. Even if you've never done RP (I hadn't) you can still join and will most likely still love it! Join straight away! :namaste:

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Johnny Depp Fanfiction... [11 Aug 2008|06:56pm]

Is right here at this website!

Please join, write and read in a cleaner, quicker and newer environment!

Please, we're trying to get this site up and running with as many users as possible!!

So please, bring your talent and wonderful input and join!

Hope to hear from you soon!!

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new B. [29 Mar 2008|10:46pm]

alrighty, first timer here, just found this community and I love it! I posted this fic on some POTC fanfic communities and got majorly flamed. (you can read their comments if you wish) So, since this community discourages flaming (which I am very greatful for) I thought I'd try and share it here. If it is that terrible, please tell me in some constructive way so I can get better. Thank you!

Fandom: POTC
Title: Rum & Lust
Author: Channing. Me. love_n_lost call me what you want. with help from my friend Dani capt_danisty
Disclaimer: The Mouse owns Pirates and it's characters, settings etc...blah blah blah
Pairing: Jack Sparrow/Jade Stormwater (original character, but ladies, you can pretend it's you!)
Rating: NC17 for sex and alcohol
Summary: Jade Stormwater comes to Tortuga looking for information regarding her father's ship, and runs into an old friend who might be able to help...in more than one way.

x-posted to a public post @ my journal here
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Looking for Sleepy Hollow fic [27 Mar 2008|01:12pm]

I'm looking for Sleepy Hollow fanfic, more specifically Sleepy hollow slash especially between Ichabod and the Horseman.  Hope you can help and thanks if you do.  And if slash isn't allowed on here... oops sorry.  But I thought I'd put this up.

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[22 Mar 2008|08:47pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

I've been a member for a while, but never actually posted anything... :] Time to remedy that, aye?

Title: Music
Author: derangedfangirl
Characters: Toby, Sweeney Todd/Benjamin Barker (separated intentionally, Mrs. Lovett, Lucy
Rating: Ah.. Teen?
Warning: perhaps a bit of blood, but that's all.
Disclaimer: I do not own Sweeney Todd, movie or play, nor am I affiliated in any way with it.
Summary: Toby's mind-music and the final scene through his eyes (mostly)

Re-Edited as of April 5
MusicCollapse )

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Long time member, but I've never really posted... [18 Mar 2008|01:39am]

And since no one's updated, I'll introduce myself with a short perspectives ficlet...

Title: -
Author: Me!
Characters: John Wilmot; hints of Elizabeth and Lizzie
Rating: PG-13?
Warning: Not much to warn about...language?
Disclaimer: I do not own John Wilmot or any of the characters in this story.  I do not profit from this.
Summary: "There is nothing left of the John Wilmot they have seen and not seen..."

Feedback is appreciated...
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Fic: Pirate Booty - Birthday Fic for golden_helikaon [25 Jan 2008|04:35pm]

Title: Pirate Booty
Author: Louby fictionbylouby
Fandom: POTC RPS
Pairing: Jorli
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Orlando shows Johnny what he bought on his day off.
Warnings: PWP, toys, double penetration
Disclaimer: I have no affiliations with any of the actors, only the plot is mine.
Feedback: Gives me warm fuzzies.
AN: Beta read by my amazing twin sister Pippi.

This was written for a birthday fic for the wonderful golden_helikaon, it's a day early for me, but I still have a mental foot and have nothing better to do! Besides, it's tomorrow in some parts of the world!

(You want a show, you dirty old man?)
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New here - and with gifts! [08 Jan 2008|01:51pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hiya folks! I'm new here and wanted to bring a little late Christmas prezzie! I wrote this fic just a few weeks ago and wanted to share it with folks who might appreciate it. I'm mostly an Alan Rickman fan first, but I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Johnny Depp. He's so beautiful, and slashable...

Now after Sweeney Todd, this is my new favorite ship! =D

Johnny Come Lately
rating - R
summary - Alan wanted to get to know Johnny better. No time like the present...
Disclaimer: This work is pure fiction. Any resemblance to real life is purely coincidental. Also, I do NOT own Alan Rickman or Johnny Depp. damn. This is mostly smut. Pretty blatant stuff. An excuse to imagine these two tangled up and... well... yeah...

teh ficcyCollapse )

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Hello! *waves* [24 Dec 2007|01:41pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

 I've watched this community for a while as well as writing fanfics! I don't believe I'm that good at writing, but I do adore sharing them. Here's the first two chapters of my story involving Johnny's character, Captain Jack Sparrow.

Fandom: Crossover of POTC and Phantom of the Opera
Title: +Angel of Music+
Author: Me! (londonlover116)
Disclaimer: I do not own the people and music you recognize in this. I only changed the name of the girl main character (you know in Phantom of the Opera) and a few other names. Other than that, it's original--from my own imagination.
Pairing: Captain Jack/Creole Daae (a.k.a. Christine Daae)
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Urm...Creole gets "murdered" and then finds herself on a moldy ship. It capsizes into our world, and so the story kinda starts from there. I dunno, you just have to read it!

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Shameless plug for my Corso and Raphael fanfic [28 Nov 2007|03:57pm]

And other stories too, including RPF and slash at times. Hope some of you enjoy them.
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Well hello there! =D [26 Nov 2007|02:19am]


*wave* Ello!  I just happened to stumble onto this community, and it had my membership at the title.  Besides the fact that I am obsessed with reading fanfics about Johnny or his characters, I am also obsessed with writing them.  In fact, I have a story I would love to share with you all, very short..but my warning to you is it IS rated NC-17.  Anyways, I was given an image of Johnny and told to come up with a story about it, and this was my result.

Fandom: Johnny Depp
Title: A Night In The Rain
Author: Me ^__^
Disclaimer: I do not 'own' Johnny Depp (I wish! haha, joking..joking)  This was purely written for fun and enjoyment.
Pairing: Me..and Johnny. xD
Rating: NC-17!!!  Ye have been warned!
 [I suck at summaries so I am just going to post a teaser]

Suddenly the sound of a scream was heard through the open window, probably somewhere directly below on the main street in front of the house.  The following sound had Johnny himself wincing, an unbearably loud crash.  Without having a care to pull a shirt on he stood from the bed and jogged downstairs, out the front door and out the iron picket fence gate in front of his house.  He stood behind a young woman sitting on the ground massaging her ankle muttering curse words under her breath.  "Ah, are you...allright?"

And so without further adieu, here it is ^_^

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new to group ..hellooooo [03 Nov 2007|08:16pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Greetings, I stumbled on this sight and found it....... very enjoyable.....;-0  hope to share a bit myself,   I am impressed by the talent  here. 
such fun!!!!  cheers

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