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Johnny Depp Fanfic

fanfiction about johnny depp

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n. Informal
Fiction written by fans as an extension of an admired work or series of works, especially a television show, often posted on the Internet or published in fanzines.

Welcome to the premiere Johnny Depp fanfiction community on livejournal! Originally created as an alternative to the massive amounts of POTC fanfic communities and little else, johnnyfanfic has been running actively since 2003. We hope to continue for a long time. Feel free to post any and all fanfic related to Johnny Depp here to donate to that cause!

But first, a few rules and regulations to keep things running smoothly.


· All fiction posted must be related to Johnny Depp. The actor himself may be a character in it, or one of his movie roles may be a character in it. Examples: Fanfic about movies he's been in, characters he has played, behind the scenes of a movie, real life (Lily-Rose, Jack, Vanessa, or past relationships, or made up relationships about his real life, whatever), crossovers that have Johnny Depp in them, etc. etc. As long as it all comes back to Johnny, we'll be okey dokey!

· Be respectful of everyone who posts. We'd like to keep this a friendly environment where people aren't afraid to post their fic for fear of what someone may say to them. Constructive criticism and bashing are two different things. You can be helpful and give advice for improvement but please, be courteous about it! Don't be mean! Or the maintainers will get mean.

· ALL types of Johnny Depp related fanfiction are welcome here. Het, slash, crossover, self-insert, first time authors, etc. If you don't like it, you don't have to read it, but remember you must be respectful of their right to post it.

· Pimping/Advertising something here (ie; a new community, RPG, website) is fine as long as it is related to Johnny Depp, and Johnny Depp fanfiction. Otherwise do not clutter up the friends list.

· Same goes for fanart. Feel free to post it but make sure it relates to the topic of this community in some way!

Keep those in mind when posting and commenting in this community and we'll all get along fine. The maintainers are here to keep an eye on things but we don't want to have any situation where we need to get involved. In the end, we're all Johnny Depp fans who love fanfiction. Let's get along on and focus on that!


"They're more of just guidelines anyway." You don't have to submit in any particular format but we at least ask you state the fandom of your fic. Such as "Celebrity" or "Secret Window" or "Ed Wood". This will help us out immensely when it comes to archiving it in the memories.



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